As an adviser, your main focus is the growth of your clients’ wealth using sound practices. The equities and gearing strategies offer possible roadmaps according to the individual investment goals of your client. Each strategy involves the use of an instrumental product such as a margin loan, a protected equity loan, or a managed account.

Borrow to Grow

Clients who are currently using geared investments, or who are interested in them, could benefit from a borrow to grow strategy. BT offers a number of loan options to service this strategy such as a BT Margin Loan or Westpac Installment Warrants.

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Protect to Grow

A protect to grow strategy attempts to limit the amount of risk a client is exposed to with a geared investment. A Protected Equity Loan (PEL) is used to leverage growth potential, while providing capital protection at a point in time (eg at maturity of the investment loan).

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Invest to Grow

The invest to grow strategy shows how investing in equities can be an effective long-term investment. The strategy considers the differences between SMAs and IMAs from a client perspective, and outlines the benefits of using a BT Managed Account.

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