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Adviser strategies are focused around common client and adviser needs. They can provide possible roadmaps for implementing various financial products and services. Browse our strategies by area of interest such as insurance, investing, super, or investor platforms.

Model Portfolios for efficiency

Almost a third of an Australian financial planner’s time is spend on compliance and administration, compared to a global average of less than 20% highlighting the need for advisers to find more efficient ways of operating. Core data in their report Adviser efficiency: Business Processes in Australia reach the conclusion that if advisers can find a way to reduce some of this administrative burden, it has a tangible impact on the profitability of their business.

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Protecting your clients with Wrap Capital Protection

The dilemma that many investors face as they save for their retirement is trading off the need for returns versus the need to manage the risk of loss if markets significantly fall.

So how do you balance the need to invest for growth whilst protecting them against the kind of losses that can derail their retirement plans? Wrap Capital Protection can be a suitable solution. View case studies outlining strategies to help clients manage risk, approach retirement and receive a minimum benefit.